What is in a system?

A simple system consists of Solar Panels, Charge Controllers, Batteries, Inverter and optional Generator.

Solar panels

Solar panels capture energy from the sun and transmit to our charging system.  We only use quality designed and made panels to ensure a long and highly efficient life. We design and install your panels to suit your needs.

Charge Controller

Charge controller ensure the energy from your panels is maximized and ensure the charge cycle is optimised to prolong the life of your battery.


There are a few types of batteries, these include Flooded Lead Acid Batteries, AGM and Gel.  For cost per performance the Flooded Lead Acid Batteries and the best but do have the issue of constant monitoring and maintenance.  Therefore the GEL batteries are very popular.


A backup generator can be used to top up batteries during days of low energy production (usually in winter) and very high usage times.

Kaco Inverter

The Kaco Powador range of inverters are single or three phase and can be used in conjunction with a Selectronic SP Pro system. By using a Selectronic and Kaco combined system, power efficiency is maximised and can help double the amount of panels used and manage the system power to it’s fullest potential.

Selectronic SP PRO Series

The SP PRO Series are a collection of directional Inverter chargers that are able to control and manage all your energy requirements. The systems can help manage Off-Grid, On-Grid, Battery Systems and Diesel Generators to all work together so that you never run out of power and also maximise the efficiency and customisation of having multiple sources of power.