System Design

What is a System Design and do I need one?
A system design lays out a detailed descrption of your energy consumption and the energy available via solar.  The reports use many things to work these detail out including weather and location. The design report provides information such as:
Gippsland Solar Power

  • Allowable average daily usage
  • Allowable peak surge amount
  • System autonomy
  • Solar generation by month
  • Short term peaks
  • Battery Selection including DOD, Life Cycle and generator assist charging
  • Control System Options

Correctly designing a custom system to your needs is a must. Simply guessing your design can lead to many problems especially when you are spending thousands of dollars on your system. Thus the importance in getting it right is paramount and ensures a satisfied customer and supplier.  Underestimating a system can cause you to be without power at certain times and cause stress on batteries and/or inverter thus reducing battery life and damage to components.  Over estimating can cause you to over spend and reduce effiency of your system.
A system design can take several days to get right and this design is then yours.  A nominal fee is requested to cover costs for the design and is credited upon a purchase of a system.  The design is not a commitment to purchase a system.
We are Clean Energy Council approved for Design and Install.We are also  licensed electrical contractors, so can cover all your electrical/solar requirements. 

To arrange for a system design please contact us.